“I did a lot of research when I was looking for painters in the La Crosse area, and La Crosse Painters was the only one that picked up the phone and was polite and easy to talk to. I highly recommend them. We hired them for a pretty large job and they got it done quickly. No surprises here, they do quality work. Thanks again!”

-Emily Dalton


“We hired La Crosse painters for a small residential job and they did a great job. Definitely would recommend giving them a call whenever you need some painting done.”

-Sofia Fostur


“La Crosse Painters did a small residential job for us and we plan to continue using them in the future. The best thing about using La Crosse Painters was the level of professionalism and communication they brought to the project. It was refreshing to work with a painter so dedicated to pleasing us.”

-Su Young Park

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